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Thursday, December 4, 2008

President Obama and Retoucher Eric: A Presidential Appointment

Could the country’s new President, Mr. Barack Obama, be interested in bringing high-quality photo retouching to the American people? Obviously, too many businesses and private citizens have been ripped off with poor customer service and lack of accountability.

These comments—apparently about the owner of Photo Grafix, Eric Basir by Mr. President Obama—contain a clear message of confidence.

“I would be absolutely honored to serve the country in the new administration” said Eric Basir. “The whole premise of photo retouching is to take an image which is lacking in detail, color, suffering from defects, unfocused or a plain mess, and make it better. Improve it. So it is with the wave of support for Mr. Obama’s candidacy. We’re a perfect match.”

Some have noted that Mr. Obama and Eric share similar appearances? Could Eric actually be a look-a-like Obama…or vice-a-versa? Is there a conspiracy?

“I doubt it” Eric replied smugly. “I appreciate the good words, but it’s probably a gag and I’m not expecting any calls!”

Regardless of the possibilities, Eric has been bursting with joy since Election Day. “I will admit I was thrilled to vote for and see my former Senator ascend to the highest office in the United States Government. I watch all of his press conferences and videos. I’ve become an Obama-junkie. I never thought I’d see it in my life: Mr. Obama literally embodies what I believe in regards to overcoming racial discrimination while inspiring people of various backgrounds to do good for self and their communities. Just the fact that young Black men and children are talking about getting college degrees and starting businesses because of this election is enough for me. I will disagree on many things with him. But I hold the utmost respect for him and pray that God makes him and the American people successful.”

Mr. Obama’s election also played an important part in Eric’s day-to-day business and personal struggles. “Whenever I feel negative about a difficult retouching project, business or unsure about how successful I can be with a desired goal, I think of the incredible odds Mr. Obama faces: He defeated what seemed to be the impossible. If this Black man living on the south side of Chicago can become president in a land where my great-great grandparents were bought and sold as slaves, I can do ANYTHING!”

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