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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Looking For Advice From You

I'm hoping our customers and students would tell us how we can offer better support. From questions regarding an order to comments regarding our educational workshops, books and videos, we know how important it is to provide what you need to make Photo Grafix an upstanding service provider.

Our only connections with you at this time is our email newsletter and the Photo Grafix University Store at

This is good. No complaints. However, I want to know if we can do better.

There are online "BBS" type forums like Tivo's and Apple Computer

Then there are more comprehensive platforms such as this one: I tend to like this platform better because it's so easy to send comments and questions in the same section. No need to click around to find things.

We also have the option of creating an entire “social network” such as Classical Music Now: This of course, is a bit grandiose. Yet, maybe that is what you prefer.

All of these platforms allow customers and students to connect with each other in addition to yours truly.

Then again, there is always our telephone number at 1-847-673-7043. I encourage customers and students to use it as well.

Please respond with your comments.

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