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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Photo Grafix: 10th Year Anniversary - Ethics

After completing my first read of Law of Success, I had accumulated a few written pledges (as required for serious students of Napoleon Hill). One was a Code of Ethics. It was related to a pledge for Self-Confidence. I had to construct a foundation rooted in something higher than "make a lotta money."

Ten years since, I can honestly testify that this Code of Ethics has brought Photo Grafix more success than possible without it. Although this Code has evolved a little over the years, it's central tenets are based on three important objectives:

The primary objective is to render a high-quality photo retouching service.

The secondary objective is to follow-up and make sure the customer is happy. If not, resolve it. If unsuccessful, offer a full refund.

Money is just a result of achieving the objectives.

Moreover, a percentage of that money earned belongs to those entrapped by poverty (humans, not businesses which have bet their capital on high-brow hustles or financial schemes).

The tertiary objective of a decent businessperson, is to give plenty to those who have nothing. This should be voluntary on their own volition or through a charity. During a prayer with my family, I asked that we be blessed with more money. Not more money to buy a car, food, toys, a big TV or plastic junk. Just more wealth to give away to those in need.

However, governments must also function from a set portion of our income. This is in order to provide services such as a viable military and public safety (which includes health). With all respect to the Free-Marketeers and Government-Haters, taxes must be levied in order to do this. American citizens who do not like taxes should move to another country such as Somalia or Afghanistan where the man with the most guns and money is the government (women hold very little clout in such environments).

In conclusion, those who told me I couldn't run a business on such ideals, have been proven wrong. I still have a long way to go. However, I now have the experience behind me to stand my ground that the pursuit of money leads to very little prosperity. If anything, it brings us to the doorstep of utter poverty or insatiable greed.

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