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Friday, January 8, 2010

Hundredaire Predictions 2010

The billionaires have spoken: Mark Cuban, David Cheriton and others have submitted their predictions to Forbes Magazine for the year 2010.

Well, whoopdee-do! What about the hundredaires, like me? Certainly, we have some insight as well. You know, those of us who live and struggle among the masses? We support our families, run our own retirement savings and do our part to help in the community.

I know I have at least $100 I can flaunt. So here's my submission to Forbes:

Eric Curtis M. Basir

Citizenship: United States; LFNOIITW; United Federation of Planets; Corusant; Asgard
Net Worth: $0.0001 billion
Age: 36
Source of wealth: Photo retouching; DIY photo restoration books and videos.

What is the most alarming trend facing the economy today?
The balloon of the congressional buffoons: The federal budget deficit.

When will the Fed step in to strengthen the U.S. dollar?
Not this year or in the foreseeable future (did I mention that I'm near-sighted?) It's not in their interest (pun intended).

In what direction will your country's stock market move, and what kind of returns do you anticipate?
I think it will continue to make an upward trend. Some dips and dunks. Regardless, the bear market is effectively over. The buying opportunities are drying up.

Gold: buy, hold or sell?
When everyone is saying "buy," run for the hills! So I say sell or hold (sell if you bought it at $300/oz). Diversify your investing reserves between US dollars, other currencies, real estate and a bomb shelter.

Which emerging world economy is the best bet for investors?
India. Maybe Turkey as well.

What's the best asset to own in 2010?
Cash and gold.

Will Twitter be a viable business in 2010? And do you use it?
When Rush Limbaugh converts to Islam. Yes, I use Twitter to promote Photo Grafix.

Global warming: fact or fiction? How much money should your government invest in emissions cuts?
Possibly fiction. However, we are overdue for an ice age. Moreover, pollution is a fact. Whether it affects temperatures or not doesn't matter if you cannot drink the water without melting your stomach lining. If "global warming" motivates the people to innovate for conservation—and the government supports it—then it doesn't matter what you call it. Progress is progress.

The government should only invest in tangible sustainable infrastructure improvements, from investing in things from Amtrak/High-Speed Rail to large rebates for homeowners and businesses that replace inefficient HVAC units and acquire solar-power.

Who is going to win the World Cup?
Not sure. Possibly the Chicago Bears.

What will be the biggest surprise of 2010?
Google purchases Apple Computer.

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