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Monday, May 3, 2010

The Workshop in Toledo

I got in early. Greeted old friends. I set up the equipment.

I'm ready.


Oh no.

I couldn't believe it.

I travel 300 miles to the Buckeye State to find out I brought the wrong power cord for my scanner.

Would this be my last workshop (especially for the Ohio Genealogical Society)? Would word spread that I am an ill-prepared speaker? An unprofessional sap? Now NGS and FGS have yet another reason to turn down my workshop proposals!

This was also my first live video. At least that could work... Then the webcam stopped working. Mild panic. At least I can rely on the laptop's built-in webcam.

I'm still breathing—I think.

The room was packed. Over 50 registered. The students brought dozens of original prints and scans. Is there another scanner I can use? Anyone? Someone? No. Is there an Epson power cord in the house? Out of luck. I made a prayer. Then another prayer. "You can do it" said that little voice in my head.

Answer: Digital cameras, USB flash drives and other devices. Someone has got to have them. I asked and two wonderful ladies stepped up. One had a Canon digital camera. The other had a flash drive full of scans she made. I now had more than I could ever use in 2 hours.

The ride was bumpy. It wasn't perfect. However, I made due. I survived. The students seemed engaged and—most importantly—they seemed to enjoy the workshop.

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