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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Photo Grafix Headquarters vs. Apple Computer Spaceship HQ

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With all the news from Mr. Steve Jobs regarding the Apple Computer proposed environmentally-friendly headquarters, plans for my new Photo Grafix headquarters has taken the back-burner in the media. However, ever since the start-up of the Photo Grafix Newsblog, we can get the good news out regardless of the situation.

This drawing of the proposed Photo Grafix HQ by Nabila Neohoj of Black Rhino Illustration is impressive.

Our new HQ has the following fine amenities for 15,001 employees (slightly larger than Apple Computer's HQ):

• Solar power. Completely off the grid.
• Water reclaimation. Gray water collection and rain garden.
• Native oak trees, shrubs and a non-native orange tree.
• Bike rack.
• Windows for everyone.
• Recycled brick and furniture made from reclaimed timber.
• Earthquake-proof with underground bomb shelter and rocket engine in case we need to escape earth's gravity.
Mr. Job's planned HQ

Zoning and building permits have not been obtained yet.

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