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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Full Screen Mode - Photo Restoration Quick Course

In episode 2 of the Photo Restoration Quick Course, I demonstrate a useful function in Photoshop called "Full Screen Mode." You can cycle through 3 "screen modes." The first is the default "window" in which you see all images as separate windows. The second gives you a solid gray background that lets you work only on the image. The third is like the second, but it is black and there are no palettes or panels. These are available only in the full Adobe Photoshop versions, not Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Hand Tool
The Hand Tool—which can be confused with the Move Tool—is important to use when in full screen mode. This is especially useful when have zoomed in close.
Move Tool

Thanks to Creatista for permission to use the picture. Buy it, or other images created by Creatista, online at Dreamstime.

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