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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

To Upgrade or Not To Upgrade...

Phones In Trash
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When it comes to the "latest and greatest" I rarely follow the crowd—especially when it comes to following what a high-priced marketing effort dictates to me. Unless some other program, piece of hardware, or a proven time-saving feature requires the upgrade, I will wait.

The primary driver behind this belief is money. I am not against paying for value. It's just that I have many other people and demands that require the money. So I am slow to upgrade. Sometimes an upgrade can result in a substantial loss of time, due to unintended problems. This isn't the rule. However, it does happen.

The secondary driver is environmental. We throw tons of computer or technological waste in the trash (phones are a major culprit). The heavy metals poison our air and water. The plastic is just as bad. I wish we could buy one computer and easily upgrade the parts: Keep your case and pop in the replacement parts. You can do this now. However, it requires you to embark upon a somewhat steep learning curve. Apple Computer is notorious for making such computer building almost impossible (read this article about my Hackintosh here).

One day I hope we as a species can overcome our greed and fears to take recycling or reusing more seriously. So maybe the question should be: How to upgrade or not how to upgrade?

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