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Monday, December 21, 2009

Digital Magazines and the Retouching Scene

Mag+ from Bonnier on Vimeo.

As photo retouchers who made the transition or were born into the digital world, we are no more exempt from obsolescence factors. When a change occurs in the print industry, we need to be ready to adjust. Moreover, we need to strive to stay ahead of the curve—especially for the subtle changes which occur after a massive shift from the conventional processes.

Be it Kindle, netbooks, or this new Mag+ concept, images are a critical part of the total product. However, we won't be correcting color for print with these things (mostly). So monitor and color matching/calibration may be more problematic. Bad color and retouching may be just as evident with the new virtual newsstand technology demonstrated here:

What are some questions one must answer in dealing with these magazine/book readers?

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