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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ask The Retoucher #36 - Replacing Heads and Hardware Stuff

Let's review some common, but important questions about replacing faces in a photo, choosing hardware, and good scanning techniques.

Question: "I need to take photos that will be used to replace faces in a family photo.  I have never done this before. What should I look out for when taking these photos?"

1.  Lighting: Make sure the intensity of the lighting, and the direction from which the lighting comes, is similar to the photo you are replacing;
2.  Element of focus: Replicate sharpness of focus in the face, and the type of lens used (telephoto, wide angle, etc).
3.  Color:  Be sure to replicate the color used in the photo.  If you are replacing an old black & white image with a new digital image, be sure to convert the color image to black & white in your photo editing software.

Question: "What equipment would be best to scan a photo collection into the digital format and how can it be done as simply as possible?"

I recommend Epson brand scanners, which are available at different prices-generally, the higher the price, the higher the scan quality.

Basic principles, which will make scanning your photo collection easier and more successful.
1.  Scan big, at least 100%
2.  Use resolution of no less than 300 ppi/dpi.
3.  Save scans as TIF.
4,  Do not sharpen or color correct within the scanner software, but do that with photo editing software such as Photoshop Elements.
5.  Store your original photos in archival quality materials, which should be clearly marked as such.

—Edited by Judy Bond for Photo Grafix University

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