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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ask the Retoucher #37-Quick Retouch Workflow

In this show, I shared insights about photo retouching workflow. The video is quite detailed and also includes some useful techniques for color correction and making a picture more pleasing to the eye.

Working on a scanned image from a medium format photo from Evanston Photographic Studio, here's the basics for what I've shared:

Step 1: Cleaning up the Picture: There is a when and how when it comes to using the Clone Stamp Tool, Healing Brush or Patch Tool to clean up spots in a picture.

Step 2: Color Correction: You can use a Curves Adjustment Layer to adjust the color on the different channels of the picture. Remember that the focus of your work should be on the skin tone. Everything else is secondary.

Step 3: File Format: Save retouched image in the Photoshop format, and retain the original image as is, in case you need to go back to it in the future.

As a parting treat, I shared some advanced retouching techniques on an amusing photograph by Creatista, a professional photography studio in Tuscon, Arizona. It's quick. It's rough. But it's worth your time to watch it just to get a good laugh!

—Edited by Judy Bond for Photo Grafix University

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