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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ask The Retoucher #38 - Photo Tips and Photoshop Gripes

In this week’s show, I discussed file format, how to get some free photo composition tips, and how to use Raw work-flow in Photoshop CS5. I also expressed some gripes about Photoshop CS5!

In order to retouch a photo properly, you need to have a firm foundation of some basics. You need to be conscious of lighting, focus and perspective that make a good picture. You also need to understand how to use the software retouching tools, such as Photoshop CS5. A good teacher can help you by providing both Theory and Practice. And be sure to ask questions when you are learning!

Quick Tip: Free advice is available on the Internet. On our own Photo Grafix University we provide lots of free training about retouching photos. I have also found some great information on the Best Buy website, which gives tips about how to shoot a picture, how to use a flash, and what are the elements of good composition.

Practice 1: File Format and File Size of Images:
File format is the container for your image. You can use a container that is bulky (like a box) or one that is flexible (like Tyvec). Follow along on the video while I show you in detail how to use Photoshop format (PSD) and TIFF to save your file and minimize the file size.

Practice 2: Using the Raw work-flow in Photoshop CS5 to retouch a photo.
Using a photo created by Scott Griessel, I demonstrate in detail how to use the Raw work-flow to bring out the features in the photo and to clean up spots. This is an advanced tool that you will find helpful as you practice using it. You will learn how to use HSL (hue, saturation and lightness slider), adjust contrast and exposure and use the adjustment brush, polygonal lasso tool and the patch tool. You will also learn to save the file as XMP and TIFF LZW compression.

Be sure to send questions for me to address in our future shows. No question is too small or complex.

—Edited by Judy Bond for Photo Grafix University

Please send your questions and problem photos, your location—and genealogical society affiliation if appropriate—to Eric for future "Ask The Retoucher" columns. Visit Photo Grafix online for more information.

Eric runs Photo Grafix, a humble photo-retouching studio in Evanston, Illinois (USA), making photo illustrations and improving photos for hundreds of people and companies worldwide. If he doesn't know the answer, he won't rest until he finds it. Eric Basir is at your service: With each "Ask The Retoucher" article, he'll help you successfully tackle your digital photographic problems. 

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