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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ask the Retoucher #63, Dating Problems, Jagged Text in Photoshop

How can I put a date on an image in iPhoto?

  1. Open image, choose File=>Print/Customize
  2. Choose the best Layout for your photo.
  3. Click on Insert description of photo and type Date, Place or whatever else you want.
  4. Print.

How can I add text in Photoshop? The text comes out jagged and “artifacty.”

  1. Open the image in Photoshop.
  2. Check Image=>Image Size to see what it is. Choose a standard size for output.
  3. Check Resolution to make sure it is 300.
  4. Using the Text Tool in Photoshop. Check size of type for proper size.
  5. Type the text you want to display on the image.
  6. Select the text.
  7. Grab the Move Tool and move the text to proper place on the photo.

Remember that text produced in Photoshop will never be as  sharp and crisp as text in Microsoft word processing. This is because Photoshop exhibits text as bitmap image; Microsoft exhibits text as a Vector image.

The best way to marry images with text is by using a page layout program, like Adobe InDesign. Create your text in Microsoft. Edit your photos in Photoshop. Then integrate the text and images into your page layout program. This will yield the best professional publication.

This is the second-to-the-last edition of Ask The Retoucher. It's been a great run of almost 10 years. Thanks to those that believed in what I had to share and gave me a chance to teach it (especially all the genealogical societies that carry the column). You've got one more on it's way. My adventures in photo retouching continue from here to my new Photo Restoration Basics Quick Course Series. If you've been following the blog, you've seen them. It doesn't replace my Photo Restoration Basics video course. It is only a supplement.

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