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Monday, March 5, 2012

Quick Course - Turn Panels Off and On in Photoshop

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In episode 12 of the Photo Restoration Quick Course, I share some uses for the Function Keys or "F-Keys" on your keyboard and how they can help you save valuable screen space. Quickly bring up and hide commonly used palettes/panels to get a little more working room on your pictures.

F5: Hides and shows the Brushes panel/palette
F6: Hides and shows the Color panel/palette
F7: Hides and shows the Layers pane/palette
F8: Hides and shows the Info panel/palette

Thanks to Creatista for permission to use the picture. Buy it, or other images created by Creatista, online at Dreamstime.

These tips are for the non-professional and folks with no or very little experience. Save the hassle of figuring it all out on your own: Get a solid foundation in Photoshop and photo restoration with the Photo Retouching and Restoration Foundations video and workbook. Available at

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