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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Responsible Retouching

Almost 10 years ago I got a phone call asking if I could remove the watermark from a photo and make additional prints. Of all people, it was a person who met Pope John Paul IV and purchased a photo from the Vatican. In it was the Pope, himself and his family. On the back of the photo was a notice for something to the effect: Copyright, Vatican...Contact us to order prints.

A few years after that, I received a call from a popular "adult entertainment" magazine asking to talk to me about retouching photos of...well, disrobed females.
Illustration: The Black Rhino

Without a second thought I turned down both of these offers. Clearly, this was a choice. However, it was a choice which I believe would negatively effect my conscious and put a burden on me as a business person for perpetuating greed and disrespect for women. Without a doubt, these potential clients found someone else to do the work.

Regardless, when we take money for the sake of taking money and without a care for the consequences we are intentionally walking around with our heads in the clouds. Yes, we'll make some profits in the short term. Eventually, however, we will end up in the bottom of a pit.

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