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Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Genealogy Circuit Vendors I Met at the DCGS

Genealogy-related entrepreneurs are easy to find. There's a few giant corporations that tend to dominate the field. However, there's always room for new folks with new ideas. This weekend, at the DuPage County Genealogical Society conference, I met 2 new ones worth noting.

The MagiKey Census-tracking program was developed by a mother and daughter team from Ann Arbor, Michigan (USA). For $49.99 you'll have the ability to track multiple census records and extract new information and probable cases. It will help prevent being overwhelmed with spreadsheets and endless paperwork. It opens and saves in the ever-popular GEDCOM format. You can even use it as a standalone family tree program. I got to see the ladies demonstrate it and I think it's worth sharing.

I also met Jill of Heritage Makers. She provides an interesting photo book service that has many more formats within the family-history flavor. There are various price options. She can really help you tell your family history in a beautiful format. However, you will still need to make sure you have decent grammar and photo color correction skills when you add the content (you know to see me about the latter)!

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