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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Genealogists chasing women, Mexicans and Black Folk

At Photo Grafix University, we're always pushing folks to preserve their family photo history. That's just part of it. You also need to identify and write about that history. Genealogy is how you get started. However, it isn't easy.

In fact, if you're looking for ancestors that are women, Latin-American or African-American, you're going to need some serious help. I won't gripe about misogyny, slavery and colonialism at this time. However, it is a reality when it comes to your research.

Family Roots Publishing has some excellent resources:

If you're of Mexican heritage, check out "Finding Your Mexican Ancestors: A Beginner's Guide." There are some other titles with this one that you might also use whether you have Mexican heritage or not.

This webinar on CD by Leland Meitzler is a highly-recommended resource when researching your female ancestors.

Last, but not least, Family Roots Publishing has a list of titles for researching African-American genealogy. This includes some beginner and intermediate resources. The Slave Genealogy guide is especially interesting.

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