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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Earthquakes, Nuclear Meltdown and Your Photos

As the tragic drama on our planet unfolds with the latest disaster in Japan, we are reminded about the fragility of life. When the wall of water approached the cities and power plants, it was do or die. Leave quickly. There was almost no time to pack things.

For those of us far away from the disaster, we have two things to consider: Should I do something to prepare for it or should I just hope that it never happens to me? I say do something.

First, prepare an immediate "Go" bag as described at That should include water, food, medications and first aid kid, among other things. Secondly—which you must get in the habit of doing regularly—you should have a daily backup of your computer files and archives on CD/DVD in your home and at someone else's home far away. This is especially important for your family photos and genealogical research.

Take a few minutes to prepare for the worst. There's a saying I heard a few years ago: Those who are lucky always seem prepared.

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